MixMarvel and Tenfold Protocol have joined forces to apply Tenfold’s layer-2 blockchain scalability solutions to “HyperDragons,” a strategy game built on the Ethereum network, in a move that will allow expanded gameplay and decreased transaction costs.

“HyperDragons” Takes Flight

“HyperDragons” allows users to build kingdoms, gather assets and fight on the blockchain through arena battles, which were previously limited to 32 players per battle. With the implementation of Tenfold’s layer-2 scaling solution, the game can now accommodate up to 2,048 players per battle.

While the solution enables more players to participate in fights, it will also significantly increase the number of battles per day, bringing the figure up into the hundreds.

Furthermore, MixMarvel suspects players will save money in Ethereum transaction costs with the new protocol as well, as more than 95 percent of in-game transactions will be processed off-chain.

According to Yiyi He, co-founder of MixMarvel, a blockchain gaming community and content sharing platform:

“Our games and dApps powered by Tenfold Protocol offer a tremendous experience and value for our customers. With Tenfold, our blockchain in-game experience has the potential to rival the traditional game user experience. ‘HyperDragons’ is just the beginning of Tenfold and MixMarvel’s relationship. All upcoming MixMarvel games and the community will be powered by Tenfold.”

While “HyperDragons” is the first dApp released by MixMarvel, the company plans to integrate Tenfold into its first-person shooter game “Ground Hunter,” followed by a full suite of games and development toolkits in the coming year.

What is Tenfold Protocol?

Scalability has long been a major concern for blockchain applications, commonly called decentralized applications (dApps). Tenfold is striving to change that as one of the world’s first production stability solutions, aiming to deliver peak performance, drastically lower costs and provide blockchain security by processing transactions off-chain, according to its website.

While dApps are currently built on popular blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin, they are restricted by the speed of the underlying technology, and products like games and social media networks require regular updates, reducing overall network speed and increasing transaction costs.

To combat this Tenfold uses a combined decentralized file storage, P2P networking and crypto economics to process transactions off-chain, all while using the layer-one blockchain for high-value transactions. Because these solutions work on top of the existing blockchain layer to realize scale and speed, they are often cited as layer-2 solutions.

Additionally, Tenfold’s solution is compatible with any blockchain and has the extra benefit of allowing dApps to be written in any language to run.

Speaking of the partnership with MixMarvel, Tenfold Protocol CEO Derek Chiang said:

“‘HyperDragons’ is a great game and with Tenfold it’s better, faster and cheaper for players. We are excited to deliver our layer-2 scaling solution to the ‘HyperDragons’ community.”

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