If you had bought Bitcoin back in January 2016 and sold it off exactly two years later you would have multiplied your value 35 times. Some people may have considered a time machine to go back and buy some back then. But the most important aspect of this hyper increase is how the cryptocurrency market would look like when it is ready to solve real world problems.


According to a survey of American adults in the US 7.95% of the population has invested in cryptocurrency. This means there is still a long way to go to reach mass adoption. Some estimates place a total of 1% or less of the world’s population to be involved in crypto. Given the right conditions this number could easily increase by tenfold especially if it guarantees a better life for crypto adopters.


There can be many ways in which cryptocurrency may be used to improve lives, but the most obvious and, in fact, anticipated, is payments in crypto. Right now payments with digital coins are clear candidates for disrupting traditional finance. Simply because crypto payments are better. Therefore, the companies that offer a viable blockchain alternative to cover small and large financial transactions will be the first to seize this market opportunity. One that could, potentially, catapult the entire crypto market to an even greater height.


Why are payments with cryptocurrencies so much better?


First, paying in cryptocurrencies means a less expensive solution to fiat-based systems. Bitcoin payment providers usually charge a 1% settlement fee for transactions. Whereas, banks and credit card companies can charge 3% or higher in processing fees to merchants. This means the hundreds of millions of businesses either online or brick and mortar stores have a good reason to consider integrating payments in crypto. They are just waiting for a market-ready solution to make this possible.

Another primary benefit of using cryptocurrencies as payment for all kinds of transactions is the protection of users and businesses against fraud. Crypto payments cannot be reversed. They have a high level of encryption made possible by blockchain, which main role is confirming each payment transaction and making sure every operation is completely verified. Blockchain is superior to any other type of security traditional payment systems have. It is virtually impossible to break or hack.

Implementation of crypto payments represents the key to achieving a more mature market and a more mainstream use of cryptocurrencies. And despite a great consumer demand, it’s hard to find a unified and complete solution to spending digital currencies. One that takes the best of using fiat as well as the advantages of crypto such as elimination of intermediaries in financial transactions.


This has now changed. An Asian venture called World Credit Diamond Coin (WCDC) is at the forefront of making crypto payments a reality. The dream of using cryptocurrencies and spending them like fiat – anytime and anywhere – is no longer so far away.


WCDC – сrypto and fiat payment solution


The WCDC team is creating a platform that allows anyone to use crypto and fiat seamlessly. This platform gives users full freedom over these kinds of financial transactions. It is also available for merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrency and fiat, too.


Millions upon millions of people are waiting for a solution to crypto payments. And it seems now that the solution is finally here.


The WCDC platform consists of a payment network that combines crypto and fiat, which in turn, individuals can use to spend cryptocurrencies instantly and cheaply. All users will have access to a card, much like bank cards known right now, which they can use at the moment of making a payment. The BR Card, as it is called in the WCDC ecosystem, will be the most important tool for crypto spenders – it will support payments in crypto and fiat, online and offline.


Additionally, the WCDC platform includes a customer loyalty program that rewards everyone who uses the BR Card for payment. And on top of this it encourages people to keep using the card.


Users of WCDC will be able to manage their own accounts securely via the online platform called Electronic Bankbook. It will enable instant money transfers and will show a history of transactions with their status for better control of the funds being used for every operation.


Each detail of the platform is being carefully crafted to become the most complete and viable solution for individuals and businesses to switch from fiat to a combination of crypto and fiat. This is a breakthrough in the payment landscape worthy of attention.


No need for a time machine anymore. The future is bright and clear. WCDC is here to stay and change the way we pay forever.


About the project:


World Credit Diamond Coin or WCDC is designing a real-life solution for spending cryptocurrencies. The team is developing a platform that enables online and offline payments, which will combine crypto and fiat together. Their ecosystem of services will allow users to manage their digital assets in the way similar to online banking. The WCDC customer loyalty and rewards program will let anyone accumulate points for using these services.


WCDC is making great strides and has already announced the listing of its cryptocurrency on CoinSuper – a large exchange of digital currencies.


Their Airdrop is happening now until September 30, 2018. Up to 20,000 interested participants can get 40 WCDC tokens completely for free. More information can be found on their official Telegram chat.

WCDC is something you don’t want to miss. Be sure to learn more about the company’s progress by checking their website and keep up with all of the most important news and updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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