The Litecoin (LTC) foundation, with valuable input from the Litecoin community, has created a new design for the coin in partnership with the Token Agency. The latter is an Australian based design firm that is focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ventures. The blue Litecoin logo first appeared on the recently concluded UFC232. The Litecoin foundation was an official partner of the event.

Since the canvas at the UFS is usually grey and similar to the color of the popular older Litcoin logo, the new blue design was used to allow the image of the coin to stand out on the ring. The new design then resonated amongst the user base and immediately started being adopted by the LTC community.

The new logo is free to use without restrictions as is the tradition of an open source and decentralizied Litecoin network. Businesses across the globe that accept LTC are encouraged to use and promote the new blue logo.

Robbie Coleman, Founder of the Tokens Agency, explained how the new logo came to fruition.

As Litecoin users and holders, we wanted to apply our creative agency’s skillset to LTC in some way. Designing for the decentralized coin — and all the complexity that came with it — also seemed like an awesome challenge, one few creative agency’s were taking on.

After conducting a survey on /r/Litecoin — asking the community’s input, critique and feedback on Litecoin’s branding — we identified a general desire to ‘evolve’ the brand. To refine elements and retains others, namely the coin’s association with ‘speed’ and ‘trust’.

With this in mind we spent the subsequent three months going through countless iterations as a team, before compiling a 65-page brand evolution. I then flew over to San Fran for the Litecoin Summit and presented the document to a few key members of the Litecoin Foundation to get their opinion. The reception was positive, so we continued work on the Litecoin brand, as well as projects for the Litecoin Foundation.

The Tokens Agency is also part of the recent overhaul of the Litecoin Foundation’s website.

What are your thoughts on the Litecoin Foundation and community embracing the new blue logo? Will the rebranding have a positive effect on the project and value of LTC? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

[New logo courtesy of the Litecoin Foundation]

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