Today, KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is proudly announcing the listing of CPRT as part of their tradable tokens. CRPT is the single transaction currency of Crypterium, a blockchain based project focusing on revolutionizing the digital banking.

Deposits are now available withe recommended trading pairs including CRPT/BTC and CRPT/ETH. Buying and all trading activities are to be done utilizing KuCoin’s mobile apps and is also accessible on their official website at www.kucoin.com.

About Crypterium (CRPT)

Developing a crypto bank available to everyone is what Crypterium aims to achieve. The platform is intended to render similar services to current financial institutions but presented to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Compared to conventional mobile banks that take weeks to request and issue the card, Crypterium Cryptobank provides Instant processing engine for Fiat-based currency trades and Crypto supporting any change between the two. With the digital bank, Crypterium can finally use the Crypto to pay Fiat-based transactions of Infinity assets and with low commissions on 42 million payment terminals that exist in the world and many Internet stores and point of payment.

The Crypterium technology platform is based on algorithms that facilitate the most efficient offer extended through current peer-to-peer networks are open and third-party cryptographic exchanges. It will soon be succeeded by several free banking services ranging from simple peer to peer payments until loans are backed by cryptocurrency.

Crypterium CRPT Token

At the core of the Crypterium Cryptobank will be the CRPT token. No transaction will be authorized to happen on the platform without using the CRPT token. The CRPT token will only be distributed through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Once issued CRPT tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

To use the Crypertium Cryptobank platform users will need to be the CRPT token holder. When payment is done on the platform, a fee of 0.5% of the value of the transaction is CRPT is removed from the holders CRPT account.

The Team

The team comprises of professional digital currency specialists who have committed more than ten years of their lives serving in the cryptocurrency sector, developing more natural methods for the handling of cryptocurrency and including better cryptocurrency banking options. The team has spent over $50 million in the sector and are the founders of some of the well-known projects such as PAYQR, Workle and Bonus Club.

The Crypterium team has been running on their services platform for over five years, and they plan to publish it in Q4 of 2017. The team has developed their cryptocurrency called CRPT which will be applied for all the transactions based on the mobile bank. 1 CRPT is 0.0001 BTC as of now, and it’s publicly available for prepurchase.



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