The rascal among coins. Since its major Ethereum bridge announcement end of Aug, the pair DOGE/USD is performing on its own unique pattern with very few cases when it was impacted by the general crypto-verse trend. That was the time when DOGE welcomed a major boost in price, hoisting its value to higher trading grounds.

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Per time of the press, the token’s value against the US Dollar is battling to keep its head above the major $0.0057 level. Despite market leaders being sold rigorously at even a double digit percentage loss for the last 24-hours, DOGE is leading the BTC market for 3.53% in the green. Movements like these that differentiate a coin from the rest which are experiencing an obvious day/outcome are making traders very attracted towards it.

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– The Doge4Amazon petition, has continued to gain traction in a variety of crypto circles. The move to make Amazon accept the asset as a payment method for those who do not have or want a traditional way to pay or bank account is counting more number daily. Currently it is standing at 17,564 with a target to 25,000.

– On September 21st, Bitrefill via its twitter handle announced that using its platform you are able to spend DOGE [now], BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH for FUN or Entertainment Vouchers.

– Being targeted by fake-identity scamming twitter bots, one of the most loved and famous individuals in the tech industry Elon Musk reached for Dogecoin’s Jackson Palmer for help. As explained in our cover story for the event, Palmer agreed to help and give Elon Musk access to a script he came up to defend and discover the fake profiles. It is yet to be confirmed if Mr. Musk used the script but Palmer made it publicly that it did work well for him.

In order to see DOGE back at its all-time high once again by the end of the year, the currency should show an ultimately bullish behavior, as it needs around 270% from the current price of 0.0057$ in to reach its record mark. If any similar bull-run to that of end of Aug overtakes the memed coin again until the end of the year, it is much possible that its current all time high will be history.

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