After multiple break-ins, the bakery has now been robbed of its cryptocurrency ATM. | Bakery stock image source: Shutterstock

By CCN.com: Crypto thieves have shown that theft can sometimes be a piece of cake. Taking the phrase “get the dough” to the next level, a cryptocurrency ATM machine was audaciously jacked from a bakery in California last week.

The theft took place at the Belwood Bakery in Brentwood Village, Los Angeles, and is the latest in a string of robbery attempts on the establishment.

Cryptocurrency ATM Machine Thieves Are Taking the Biscuit

CBS News has reported that thieves have unceremoniously snatched a cryptocurrency ATM machine right off the wall of the Belwood Bakery. The CCTV security video via the news channel shows a masked assailant crashing through the shop’s glass doors in spectacular fashion with a sledgehammer in hand like a crackhead version of Thor looking for cash for his next fix.

The crook made a beeline for a cryptocurrency ATM machine hanging on the wall. After whacking the machine two times with the sledgehammer, it came free from the wall. The imbecilic hammer-armed robber tried to open the machine by thwacking it a few more times, but to no avail. On realizing the ATM wouldn’t crack so easily, the bumbling thief propped the machine on his shoulder and bounded out onto the street.

The shop’s owners told CBS News that this was the third break-in in recent weeks and is literally the icing on the cake to cap off a few bad weeks for the establishment.

Third Robbery in Two-Months

CBS showed a video dating back to December 21 where two hooded thugs used the same glass door smashing strategy to enter the bakery. The shop was also robbed on November 18 by another group of crooks. During both earlier robbery attempts, the thieves came away empty handed. At this moment, it is still unclear if the break-ins are related or if the thieves actually made any money from the thefts. But one thing that is certain, you do not need forensic evidence or retina scans to identify morons.

The Belwood Bakery has been in operation since 1994 and is known for its delicious pastry products and friendly service. One of the owners of the family-run Belwood Bakery, Derek Tran, informed the news outlet that he didn’t know if the cryptocurrency ATM machine had any money in it or not. He did say that it’s quite difficult for such a small business to survive when they are routinely experiencing robbery attempts.

Let’s hope that the thieves were smart enough to realize that bitcoins are not actually physical coins. They are obviously lacking in the brain department. Aside from a bit of pocket change, what did the thief expect to do with the broken cryptocurrency ATM machine? Sell it to an avid crypto ATM machine collector? Disguise it as a hotdog vendor?


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