Bitnovo has launched support for bitcoin cash (BCH). Starting September 27, users of Bitcard and N26 account, both bank-free product offerings from the Spanish cryptocurrency trading platform, will be able to replenish their cards or accounts with BCH. Payments will be supported also.

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Users of Bitnovo Bitcard And N26 Account Can Now Use Bitcoin Cash For Top Up And Payments


Bitnovo announced today that holders of its Bitcard or N26 account can now top up both products with bitcoin cash.

Bitcard is a crypto-based debit card that allows for swift conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat – the Euro, specifically – without need of going through the bank. The N26 is a mobile-based banking service allowing its users to buy and sell cryptocurrency, among other things.

“From today, holders of Bitcard and a N26 account can now top them up easily in Bitnovo platform with bitcoin cash,” Roberta Quintiliano, chief marketing officer at Bitnovo, told News.Bitcoin.com, by email. “Furthermore, it will be possible to use bitcoin cash as payment methods to purchase all the Bitnovo services,” he said.

BCH for Dish Satellite TV

With a presence in over 130 countries, Bitnovo allows users to trade in virtual currency using bitcoin vouchers, bitcoin ATMs, and prepaid cards. It also permits its customers to buy small denomination cards anonymously.

The decision by Bitnovo to integrate bitcoin cash comes as an increasing number of places or merchants take the digital currency as payment. US citizens can pay for TV subscriptions at satellite television provider Dish in BCH, for example, while multiple online purchases are now being made this way in about 200 countries, as we have previously reported.

Bitnovo believes that bitcoin cash will bring real value in real time. “With our card we allow (users) to change bitcoin … to the currency of legal tender that you have associated with your debit card. In this way, at any time, you can count on cash or your card thanks to the value of your cryptocurrency,” it says.

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