It would be considered illegal if you had to print the US dollar bills, or Pounds or Euros. It’s an offense punishable by the law of the state. But with digital currencies – cryptocurrencies- mining (which is likened to printing paper notes) is legal, and there are a lot of ways to mine these cryptocurrencies.

This article reviews the best platforms which are highly rated by users with no scam records as of today, but before then you should know more about mining.

To know which cryptocurrency is profitable to mine, we recommend you the website WhatToMine, which you can access by clicking here.

There are some ways you can mine cryptocurrencies as we’ve mentioned above; you can solo mine (mining for yourself), join a pool of miners , and lastly, you can have people mine for you with their computer resource, with or without their notice. But the best way to go about things is to let people know they are mining for you when visiting a page, which gives you some credibility.

What is MinerGate?

MinerGate was founded on the 24th of March, 2014 and was the first mining pool for cryptocurrencies. It supports PPS and PPLNS payment modes.

At MinerGate, people use their computers to add hashing power (strength of their computers based on hardware configuration) together with other miners globally. The software is openly downloadable, and it instantly allows users to start mining selected cryptocurrencies immediately, helping to eliminate the complexity of mining.

While MinerGate is simple to use, there are a lot of complicated algorithms going on in the background. But the simple to use interface encapsulates them all and only allows you to make some settings in few clicks and the software is ready to make the full use of your hardware based on how much you want to dedicate.

MinerGate, in turn, shares the rewards based on how much input everyone is committing. This is a way to boost your passive income, by putting your computer to work especially when not in use.

Let’s review some best alternatives to MinerGate.

12 Best MinerGate Alternatives


The HoneyMiner is a more profitable approach to mining cryptocurrencies rather than spending a whole lot but by simply using any PC with a reasonable processing CPU or GPU power.

To start mining, users can easily download and gain access to the sophisticated mining software built by Stax Digital, owners of the HoneyMiner platform.

The mining software is only currently present for the Windows platform. For MAC users, the HoneyMiner is presently in development.

It takes just a moment to set up the cryptocurrency mining process. All that’s needed is a valid email address, and a password is automatically generated for the user to commence mining.

What’s more, the platform eliminates the process of figuring out the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine at any giving time. The software identifies that for itself and adjusts itself profit by taking part in the blockchain evolution.

Coins mined had been configured to be converted into bitcoin, guaranteeing an increase in user balance day-by-day. This platform will not only profit those who are into mining for the first time, with the HoneyMiner Pro, established miners are also able to use this platform to mine way more profitable.

Need to know how much profit you can make over time mining with the HoneyMiner? Click here.

Here are the best alternatives you can use in place of MinerGate. This is in no particular order and also a list of platforms which allows you mine with other miners and also allows other people (most especially your site visitors) mine cryptocurrencies for you.


NiceHash is one of the largest cloud cryptocurrency mining marketplace. It’s where users trade their computing power to miners who want to create cryptocurrencies. They also allow users to mine themselves using any hashing algorithm. NiceHash charges a 3% fee and miners get their payouts in Bitcoin. Click here for more information on how to get started.

NiceHash, towards the end of 2017, confirmed they were hacked. A total of 4,736 bitcoins which was more than $74 million at the time was lost in the attack.

NiceHash was quick to confirm the event and also informed the public about the swift action they took in investigating the incident.

Things have since returned to normal with NiceHash sorting out all their users and have implemented stronger measures to prevent future attacks. Now what’s interesting to know is who’s going to win the minergate vs nicehash battle.


MiningPoolHub is a multi-pool mining platform which has the auto trading system that automatically converts your mined cryptocurrencies into another for payout purposes. Meaning you can mine Litecoin for instance, and get paid in Ethereum. There are a whole lot of cryptocurrencies that can be mined on the MiningPoolHub platform. Visit MiningPoolHub official website to know more and process of getting started. This is one of the oldest and most respetable websites.


This is a place to sell your computer processing power. Kryptex mines cryptocurrencies and pays you in bitcoins or real-world money. They’ve made things pretty simple, all you need do is to put Kryptex to work, and you get paid. What you earn on Kryptex depends on the processing power of your computer hardware. You can visit Kryptex website to get started.


We did a review about the Winminer in this article: Top 3 Best User-Friendly Alternatives To NiceHash, you might want to check that out.

WinMiner makes use of your unused computing power and turns that into cash. It makes your PC work for you 100% of the time instead of being 90% idle. The simple-to-use application just requires that you put on your PC and it’ll do the rest on its own. Like Airbnb is for homeowners, Winminer generates income for computer owners. Click here to know more.


Prohashing is a multipool scrypt platform with good payout. You can use Prohashing to mine multiple scrypt coins based on profitability. They take mining further by merge mining at the same time to increase profits. Scrypt mining is currently a high profitability mining with margins higher than shaa256 and Prohashing seems to be doing good in this regard. You can visit their site to know more.


Coinimp is a JavaScript program miner used to mine Monero (a cryptocurrency). This script can be easily embedded into a website/page, this allows users/visitors to your site mine Monero (XMR) in their browsers for you while searching, reading an article or streaming a video. This is an excellent alternative to placing ads all around the page that distracts users most times. You get to earn for every resource you put on your site with their CPU power. For more information, visit here.


Crypto-loot is another JavaScript program for your website. The miner allows you to embed a Monero (XMR) miner into your site. It has no interface for its own. It’s a good practice to notify your users what’s going on when they are on your page. Visit their official website to know about the Crypto-loot.


P2pool is a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool. It works by creating a peer-to-peer network of miners. Users have the opportunity to choose if they want to mine on a private or public node. Fees to be paid depends on a selected node by the miner and transaction fee on this platform is shared. A list of public P2pool nodes can be found here: http://p2pool.co/. Click here to know more from their official site.


Gridcash offers a cryptocurrency mining service to website owners converting site visitors to miners through their web browser. Site owners will earn an income as long as visitors stay on the page. In three easy steps, you are set to start making some cryptocurrencies. Click here to get started.


MegaMiner is an auto algorithm and pool switching mining software program that’s based on multipool miner with different features. The MegaMiner is a windows miner; it’s not available to other users with other operating systems for now. You can see the requirements for running this program on this thread on Bitcointalk. The miner is downloadable from their GitHub page.


MultiPoolMiner is a monitor for crypto mining pools in real time to find profitable machines. The MultiPoolMiner gives you the access to control any miner that’s available via command line. The MultiPoolMiner is a multi-cryptocurrency, smart mining pool that helps users mine over 30 cryptocurrencies. Download the MultiPoolMiner from GitHub.

Final thoughts

Now that you are aware of all the available options out there, it’s now up to you to make a decision. Though it’s not required to set up a mining farm with lots of miners with these programs, it is also necessary that your machine is of high standard to avoid damage and most especially earn much more.

Also, consider your withdrawal options when mining. You don’t want to mine, and your coins are of no use. The essence is to mine and convert them into real cash that’s is spendable, unless you want to purchase an item online with your mined coins.

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