Developed with the target to deal and resolve present marketing and advertising issues with which many are faced in particular industries, Basic Attention Token is welcoming center-stage often for the past few weeks.

Per time of writing, the pair BAT/USD is leading the crypto-market by gain for the last 24-hours standing at 12.20% reaching a strong level of $0.4260. With a transaction-volume of $95.1 mil, BAT is mostly traded on ZB.COM and Binance at clear standing by volume (17%). Ranked 22nd it is standing right below NEM with $525 mil market capitalization.

Source: coinmarketcap

While keeping in mind that a positive sentiment is flowing and standing out in the crypto-verse, impacting the current increase which BAT‘s price is appreciating right now could be the clear that it experienced few days ago of the declining trend since the first quarter of 2018. Keeping in mind that the cryptocoins tend to move following the crypto-pioneer’s performance BTC, so a slight pullback could be due droing to the lows of $0.4000.

BAT – Recently:

Brave, an internet browser built with blockchain tech. The browser integrates its code with a wallet that allows users to reward content creators and receive rewards for their interaction. Brave Browser is already bearing fruits, growing slowly but steadily. Recently, The Internet Archive shared with its users that it received about $2500 in Basic Attention Token (BAT) tips. – covered in details by Jose Antonio.

Just a month ago, the team behind the advertising-targeting coin signed down a partnership with Tap Network which made it so that its owners can redeem on choice their tokens for rewards on over 250k brands with giants like Apple, Uber and Starbucks. Tap Network – Blockchain concentrated advertising platform. The newest listings that the community supporting BAT welcomed were non other than Coinbase and Circle Invest.


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