This Week’s Biggest Airdrops – September 3rd-10th

Steemhunt is a community-generated platform built on the STEEM blockchain which rewards people when they find and upvote new services and products. The platform started similarly to Product Hunt, but the difference with Steemhunt is that makers can advertise their own products.

This newly launched platform has more than 820 exciting products hunted so far, which resulted in more than $1,819.45 worth of hunter’s rewards.

Now the platform wants to reward its Steem Power holders by giving away 100M HUNT tokens. For each Steem Power a user owns, they will receive a HUNT token. The airdrop will be available until the 13th of September 2018.

How to get HUNT tokens:

Users that want to claim their tokens can visit https://steemhunt.com and log in with Steemconnect. The tokens can then be claimed by accessing their profile under WALLET.

Source: https://steemit.com

FasTrader is a trading tool which uses artificial intelligence to analyze the best options its bot can apply to trades. This bot lets anyone participate in crypto trading no matter how much experience they have in the domain. This bot lets its users obtain small profits of 1-2% per each transaction.

When the users receive the analytical information provided by the bot, they can assess them and make a trading decision.

The implementation of artificial intelligence ensures that the technical analysis is cutting edge, and the bot works 24/7 to find out which new cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

To help gain more exposure for their product, FasTrader will be distributing 1000000 FTD tokens to its users from the crypto community. The airdrop started on September the 1st. The token is valued at $3 USD.

How to receive free FTD:
1.    Enter FasTrader’s airdrop form page.
2.    Join their Telegram community.
3.   Become their follower on Twitter and retweet the following comment: I wait FASTRADER #fastrader @fast_trader $FTD.
4.    Become their follower on Medium.
5.    Fill in the required details on the airdrop form.
6.    The FTD tokens will be airdropped to your wallet.

Miner Edge is a crowdfunding platform which aims to integrate its investors in the largest cryptocurrency techno mining operation.

The Miner Edge team will be offering a 30% discount on all sales made, which aim to have a first-year return of investment of 109%. Miner Edge will be airdropping 60M MET tokens to its supporters, sending each of its participants 60 MET tokens in their wallets. A MET token is valued at $1 USD.

The airdrop started on the 29th of August and will end on the 6th of September.

How to get MET tokens:
1.    Start the Miner Edge Telegram Bot.
2.    Join their Telegram group.
3.    Become a follower of their Twitter account.
4.    Like their Facebook page.
5.    Follow them on Instagram.
6.    Give the Telegram bot the required details
7.    60 MET tokens will be airdropped to your wallet.

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Source: https://icoranker.com

Zeon Network is a non-profit organization developing technologies to solve pressing issues in the crypto industry.

The project will be airdropping $80 USD worth of ZNC tokens completing various social media tasks. The ZNC token is priced at $0.0005 USD. The project is among the top 10 ICOs of 2018 according to Cryptospace.

How to receive ZNC tokens:
1.    Go to LBank Exchange and sign up.
2.    Go to the LBank Voting Page and click on the “Go to certification” button and go through the KYC procedure.
3.    Vote for “Zeon”.
4.    Join their community on Telegram.
5.    Follow Zeon Network and retweet pinned tweet on Twitter.
6.    Like and Share their Facebook page.
7.    Complete their form for submission.

Tatau.io is a blockchain-based cloud platform established to supply the computational power needed to process complex computations for AI, GPU leverage video rendering, predictive analytics, and many others.

Tatau will be running an airdrop of 2,500 TATAU tokens for its users. The token is priced at $0.018 USD. The airdrop started on 28 August and will be ongoing this week.

How to get Tatau Tokens:
1.    Access Tatau’s Airdrop Page
2.    Press the ‘Join Token Sale’ button and supply the required details.
3.   A confirmation email will be sent to you, you will have to click on that link, and you will be redirected to the Airdrop Bot. Click on the profile and perform the tasks required to receive TATAU tokens
4.    Join their Telegram group.
5.    You will be eligible to receive up to 2,500 TATAU tokens.


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