Morgan State University (MSU) is one among the 11 universities Ripple has recently announced for its UBRI program. However, this university has received funding from Ripple and underwrites five years partnership with Ripple. Nevertheless, the amount being received by the university is out of sight.

MSU with Ripple becomes the hub for HBCU

This partnership intends to broaden fintech awareness using Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). By long long term academic partnership with Ripple, MSU intends to assist Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU).

Since the university has always been optimistic on the blockchain, it formed ‘the Center for the Study of Blockchain and FinTech Innovation’. Associate Dean Ali Emdad at Morgan State confirmed that around 10 faculties at the centre are already working. Emdad notes that;

“Ripple saw the potential in Morgan to be a center for not only developing research projects and developing curriculum in these areas, but also to be a center of outreach to other HBCUs (Historically black colleges and universities)”

Following the announcement Ryan Zagone, Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple took to Twitter and expressed his excitement; he says;

Morgan State will serve as the hub to broaden fintech research at other HBCU; historically black colleges and universities

Similarly, the twitter official handle of Morgan State University states;

Considering Ripple’s partnership to let MSU help HBCU, Emdad said;

“They saw that we could reach out to the other HBCU’s and say, here’s the opportunity for you to be part of this exciting area.”

Ali Emdad also sees a number of job opportunity that can be available for students with Ripple’s initiative. He further points that ‘We have to get our students ready for all of this‘.


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