Established crypto wallet provider Lumi announced the release of the “first real app” for collectibles. Unlike the apps that are based on built-in browsers, Lumi Collect is a separate platform designed to run on the Android and iOS devices. “We consider an app solution more secure than the web extension one,” the company says. Lumi allows users to keep all their collectibles in one wallet — including the unique ones and game assets based on Ethereum and ERC-721 tokens.

Wallet functions

Lumi’s wallet displays all collectible assets associated with the user’s Ethereum address in My Collection tab. Also, the owners can see their ETH and token activity in Lumi Collect. The company promises that the next release will allow users to sign all the smart contracts transactions with a mobile Ethereum wallet. It would make it easier to breed a virtual cat or to send a “spaceship” for a new mission to another planet in collectible games. To do that, users would need to press the button “Pay” on the DApp website and, when the app opens, sign a transaction securely.

 The company promises even more functions for Lumi Collect’s users. For example, the team considers adding a marketplace for tokens, their ownership history and the prices that were paid to the crypto wallet. “We might enable smart contract functions inside the app — breed, gift, etc.,” the company says. Lumi is now planning new ways to increase its profit by selling additional slots for new games, which will be promoted in the “Explore” tab.

 The main idea of creating Lumi’s new wallet was to help crypto holders keep all their  “unique collectible characters in one place.” Most of these assets are from the games where players can breed and collect rare characters. For example, the users can already use Lumi Collect for their “adorable creatures” from CryptoKitties and assets from Blockchain Cuties. There are two more games that will be added to the system soon — Mycryptons and 0xUniverse. Lumi Collet supports collectibles and game assets based on Ethereum and ERC-721 tokens.

Lumi has also announced an airdrop which will take place from Sept. 10 to Sept. 14, 2018. Users can receive free Cuties for making reposts and subscriptions.

A wallet for cryptocurrencies

Besides the collectibles wallet, Lumi offers ERC-20 standard-compatible wallet, both in mobile and web versions. It allows users to buy, store and exchange Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and tokens in one wallet. Users can see how much their assets — both cryptocurrencies and collectibles — are worth in BTC, ETH, and U.S. dollars and recent changes of the assets’ prices during the trading sessions. The security of the user’s funds is based on PIN codes and Face ID technology. It is also easy to restore the account in the case that it is stolen or lost: The user just needs to remember the 12-word backup phrase. The application is available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


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