Powered by Blockchain, Femergy is the world’s first reward-based entrepreneurship platform designed for women as a business network and accelerator. The Femergy platform allows for a new way to connect with other successful and aspiring female entrepreneurs, looking to launch, develop and scale a business, whilst earning rewards at the same time.

Commenting on the platforms rewards system solution and use of blockchain technology as a means of support for female entrepreneurs, Evelina Bajorune, founder and CEO of Femergy said:

“Innovation isn’t about a new product it’s about changing behavior. Femergy’s reward system is designed to trigger long-term engagement and the real power lies in its potential to enhance intrinsic motivation for community members to interact. Blockchain technology will allow transparency and trust: key to high transaction volume and utility.”

Aa a widely acknowledged issue within the tech industry, the gender gap has seen women underrepresented across many areas of the industry, including crypto and blockchain technologies. However, despite this male dominated industry, recent statistics are presenting a rise in female entrepreneurs entering the industry, confirming positive changes ahead.  

One of the main hurdles experienced by women-led businesses is a need for funding. In 2017, studies show that only 2.2% of venture capital funding was awarded to female founders, despite outperforming the market average. Rather than receiving funding via traditional routes, it is commonplace for women to fund their businesses with personal savings and via loans from relatives.

The Femergy platform, in an attempt to reduce this gender gap seen within the crypto industry, sees decentralization as a positive means for achieving this. Over the years, we have seen cryptonetwork harness decentralization, helping participants of the network work together towards a common goal, thus creating a level playing field for business owners.

Femergy’s decentralized app, running on the Ethereum blockchain sees itself as an entrepreneurship ecosystem, allowing for aspiring business women to receive the required support they need to help start, grow and scale their business.

Anyone wanting to join the platform who are either looking to gain support for their venture or who are hoping to educate and inspire future female entrepreneurs will be rewarded for their engagement within the community. Thus, motivating them to continue their support as a means for proof of contribution, enabling them to spend their rewards on products and services offered within Fermergy’s platform, ensuring circulation & demand of the FEM token.

Femergy’s innovative business model makes it uniquely positioned to offer a range of benefits for different levels of platform users, ensuring it reaches a global audience. Femergy acts as a one-stop-shop solution for entrepreneurs, who are able to enjoy all basic products for free and an enhanced experience via the networks ‘Freemium’ pricing model, whereby all additional products and services can be purchased with tokens.

With the use of blockchain technology on this decentralized platform, Femergy aims to solve the issues commonly seen amongst female entrepreneurs, including lack of funding, networking opportunities, cost reduction, along with an aim to educate and encourage women-led businesses to take the next step in their business venture.

For further information, visit the Femergy website https://www.femergy.io/ where you can download the platforms white paper and trial the alpha version of the Femergy platform.

Editor’s Note: Blockchain News Publisher Richard Kastelein, is an advisor to this startup.

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