Leading technology company Sagewise, which targets on building a safety net for smart contracts to allow the efficient resolution of disputes, has announced its strategy to release Blokusign, a blockchain-powered application for digital signatures. The product fuses electronic signature technology, which has become the new definitive in documentation due to its simplicity, with the benefits of the distributed ledger. Blokusign offers the same frictionless experience as existing electronic signature applications, while supplying better authentication and record keeping through blockchain technology. Blokusign is the first-ever tool like this to integrate directly into Gmail as an add-on application.

“Gmail integration was paramount for the launch of Blokusign, as we wanted to make the experience as  user-friendly as possible,” said Amy Wan, co-founder and CEO of Sagewise. “By leveraging a platform most people are familiar with and making our interface intuitive, consumers can use Blokusign without having to learn any new behaviors, making mass adoption much more likely.”

Incumbent electronic signature systems rely on centralized organizations to maintain, manage and authenticate documents, which is an unreliable, time-consuming and potentially expensive process that leaves parties at the mercy of e-signature companies which may be unresponsive or unable to locate records. Blokusign decentralizes all of these tasks, allowing users to authenticate and prove the providence of a signed document immediately.

Wieke Beenen

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