If you want to understand the basics of blockchain and crypto investing in a simpler manner, the best way to assimilate knowledge is by following a cryptocurrency podcast regularly.

Below is a list of the best podcasts you can listen to easily comprehend the nitty-gritty of the world of cryptocurrency:

1. Bad Crypto

The Bad Crypto podcast was started by hosts Travis Wright and Joel Comm in late 2017. Even though they are both knowledgeable in tech matters, they admitted they were also learning about cryptos when they started out.

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The podcast routinely features interviews with experts and practical explanations infused with many humorous moments. Through them, thousands of listeners learn all the newest things on Bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, and blockchain-related events.

Their informative yet absurd format creates a humorous effect, making it easier for beginner crypto listeners to understand the terms and concepts.

The hosts do not just want to educate their listeners; they also want them to have fun as much as they do when they discuss a new topic. However, they admit that they’re not experts in the domain and are still learning with time.

So, for experienced crypto enthusiasts, the podcast may be less informative, but for those of you that are just getting started in crypto, this is a fun and easy way of grasping the concepts of the world of cryptocurrency.

2. Unchained

The Unchained podcast is hosted by Laura Shin, a former Senior Editor at Forbes, and it is great whether you’re at a beginner or advanced crypto level. She has used her former position at Forbes to bring in important names from the industry to talk in her interviews.

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This weekly seeks to “educate people on how blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money.”

As Shin covered news regarding crypto and blockchains for quite some time now, she knows what questions to ask and how to present the information offered by her interviewees.

3. Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery is the show of investor and marketer Carter Thomas. This podcast is a must for any crypto enthusiast, regardless of their level of insight in the matter.

It presents the subjects coming from the point of view of an investor and is “a place for anyone interested in profiting from the digital cryptocurrency world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero and more.”

Thomas has become known for his alert rationalization, concise analysis, and succinct recaps of the day. Most of his discussions are oriented towards trading, making his podcast an ideal source of information and insight on crypto investments.

Coin Mastery‘s episodes focus on current events of the crypto market, so it’s best if you start the series by watching its most recent episodes.

4. The Bitcoin Podcast Network

The Bitcoin Podcast Network represents multiple different podcasts rolled into one. It originally aired as a regular podcast and, in time, it developed into a network comprised of eight different experts that discuss various crypto-related topics, and share their opinions on the matter.

Jason Jenkins from Jenkins Risk Management is among the show’s contributors, and the variety of guests ranges from angel investors to Los Angeles DJs, all of whom talk about their involvement with cryptocurrency. The show’s episodes are pretty lengthy, ranging over 90 minutes long, so if you’re looking for a quick update on what’s going on in the cryptoverse, you should better find another podcast.

5. Invest Like The Best

The host of Invest Like the Best, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, is a Portfolio Manager at O’Shaughnessy Asset Management and hosted the three-part series called Hash Power, which provides a comprehensible introduction in the know-hows of the blockchain industry.

Hash Power is meant to be an introduction, but really, it is an invitation to explore this emerging world on your own.”

This podcast generally discusses investing, but O’Shaughnessy made an additional effort to produce the three-part audio documentary which focuses on crypto to initiate those new to this domain.

The show’s topics range from blockchain to cryptocurrency investing, to bitcoin speculations and general talks about altcoins and ICOs. The series is going through all its subjects in a very clear and easy to understand manner, extracting the necessary information via interviews held with important names from the industry.

In addition to Hash Power, O’Shaughnessy also created series that focused on more complex themes and explored them more in-depth.

6. Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin! podcast first came into existence back in 2013, making one of the oldest podcasts to focus exclusively on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Today, the series’ episode count has passed 370. The topics covered in the show are extremely diverse, and the fanbase community is very dedicated to this broadcast.

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The podcast was initially created by Andreas Antonopolous, but now he isn’t the only presenter, the show having incorporated more people as well as a broader range of content. Let’s talk bitcoin is also the name of a network comprised of 10 shows which also focus on crypto-related topics.

Antonopoulos is an important figure in all that is Bitcoin-related. On this topic, he has written books, blogs, has been invited to discuss numerous shows and talked about it extensively in his own show. At one point, he received 2 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin donations from dedicated community members as a token of their appreciation for his contributions.

Antonopoulos is also a member of the Oversight Committee for the Bitcoin Reference Rate at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and, in 2014, he was made a lecturer at the University of Nicosia – the first university to ever host a Master’s Degree in Digital Currency.


Cole is a freelance writer focusing on cryptocurrency and emerging technologies. Previous articles on Masternodes have been featured on leading crypto websites and quoted in Whitepapers

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